Once again I am on my couch watching the Yankee game and they are playing the Indians… again. Not looking so good for the Yankees right about now but I feel a rally coming on. Rudy is curled up next to me, while daddy’s away Rudy will play (or sleep where he’s not supposed to).

I leave for Italy in TWO days and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous. The past three months have been full of preparations and planning that all lead up to Monday. I can’t believe it’s actually here. My best friend Emily left for Sicily this evening and I have been tracking her flight and she is currently over the Atlantic Ocean (very specific, I know). We both made some changes to out hair before we left; she got ombre and I now have some honey highlights which I couldn’t be more in love with. Just another minor change… Ever since our Italian class in our freshman year of high school we have always wanted to go to Italy together and in a way we are (LOVE YA EM) We hope to plan a trip somewhere within the next few weeks/month and boy will that be fun. Everything is coming together, piece by piece.

I can’t wait to get there and start snapping pictures and blogging about my adventures.


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